#BlameMiami! Draya DETAILS Sundy Fight on Twitter, Says She Blacked Her Eye (+FULL EPISODE)


If this is what the season is looking like, we are scared for what the reunion has in store. After what was a crazy episode of Basketball Wives LA last night, we were left on a cliffhanger for next week’s sneak peek which will include the ‘Draya VS. Sundy brawl.’ Lawd! Apparently Draya couldn’t help herself and took to Twitter to tweet a few things about the fight, including giving Sundy a ‘black eye.’ She told her followers to “BlameMiami” for what they will see next (Miami is the “dancer name” that Sundy exposed Draya for going under during her time as a stripper.)
Head to the next page to read what else Draya had to say, as well as to watch the full episode of last night’s BBWLA, in case you missed it… NEXT>>

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32 comments on “#BlameMiami! Draya DETAILS Sundy Fight on Twitter, Says She Blacked Her Eye (+FULL EPISODE)
  1. Sundy is a old baby talking ass hater. She move her lips around talking like a 3 year old. She worried about Draya use to be a stripper and need to be worried about her daughter becoming one. For once Jackie got someone old and messy as she is. Old crunchy asses need to be some where PRAYING!

  2. Why they hate on Draya like that!? Jackie old wrinkled face ass needs to worry about who her husbands talking to and Sundy should be more focused on keeping her daughters mouth off of penis! #Ijbh

  3. Im so flad that draya punched her ass. She always has something to say like shes the parot on jackie shoulder. Your wack Sundy.

    # team draya.
    P.s. You should punch jackie ass too.

  4. draya was right to hit her don’t talk about the babies they ain’t got nothing to do with grown folks business

  5. I think she got what she deserved she should have slapped Jackie ass 2 she started it good 4 draya she should have beat Jackie down 2 now Sunday u and ur home girl sit y’all old behinds down.

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