Celebrity Hair Stylist Ms. Willa Kennedy

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25 year old celebrity hair stylist Ms. Willa Kennedy has got this internet marketing thing down!! By now you’ve probably seen her work and follow her on Instagram or Facebook.. or maybe you caught up with her at a salon near you during her multi-city styling tour.. either way.. her name rings bells!

willaMs.Willa specializes in flawless cut, colored & curled sew-in weaves. Her brightly colored styles have been shared, re-posted and re-tweeted more than any other styles I’ve seen on the net. And whether you’re a fan of hair weaves or not.. there is no denying Ms. Willa’s marketing skills! Between interacting with over 300,000 facebook fans and traveling from city to city, Willa has created an international brand in just a few years.

I been doing all my marketing myself however I’m a mother of 3 daughters . I also work all day to create these beautiful styles so my hands are always busy. So every chance I get I post a new picture… but this year we’ve decided to hire a PR.

Willa Kennedy’s artistic talent and unique approach to design has taken her career to a whole new level. She will soon be launching her own line of hair extensions, Diamonds by Willa.



Be sure to head over to MsWillasWorld.com for updates on her hair line, styling tips and her NEW instructional DVD! What’s on the DVD? Sew in and quick weave tutorials . Full overlay tutorials. How to create Ms. Willa’s signature curls . Blending and custom Color . Hair care and maintenance & no scissors Bob .

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8 comments on “Celebrity Hair Stylist Ms. Willa Kennedy
    • She is a fraud, My best friend lives in Tampa & had her hair done by Willa. She can’t braid, has no license, & used tons of glue on a sew-in. On top of that my bestie sent me pic after pic of 1/2 done styles, and upset clients. Even after that my friend kept her apt. to have her hair re-curled on a later date & Ms. Willa NO SHOWED. She is a mess & everyone in TAMPA knows it. That’s why she fled to the ATL.

  1. Willa I give you much props..it’s a shame that when someone is successful they get attacked, instead of being happy for someone else accomplishments. .everyone has their own season you have planted and sowed your seeds and now you’re reaping your harvest..keep doing what you’re doing and don’t let haters rent space in your brain..There are many people that wish they was in your shoes and mainly the ones that have so much negative things to say..it’s a shame:-(

  2. Ms. Willa is amazing I have had the opportunity to have my hair done my her and she did an awesome sew in with no glue, braids wonderfully so that the sew in will last because its 4 days later and my hair is still tight, and the sew in is sturdy. I absolutely love her, despite her past she is making a better life for herself and her kids, everyone has done some wrong in their life but nobody is coming after them, just because she is famous and well known people gotta try to put her down! ughh i hate that!

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