Corset Waist Training.. it aint for everybody!

waist training

We all want to look good but in trying to achieve this ideal waist to bum ratio women will do the absolute most. Whether it’s removing a few ribs or injecting our behinds with concrete we’ve been known to take extreme measures just to achieve an ‘hour glass’ figure. One method that’s becoming popular, though it’s nothing new.. is waist training.

As with anything else, when it comes to corset training if you listen to your body and take things slowly and progressively then you are at less of a risk of developing any serious issues.

Some of the benefits include an improved posture and of course a smaller waist line. There are tons of garments out there to help you train your waist from waist cinchers to corsets, girdles and shapers. But in order for them to be beneficial you have to be dedicated and consistent. Many women give up before they even achieve any results (I’m one of them!)… and the other half just don’t know when to stop.

With that being said.. it ain’t for everybody. I would say the most important thing about lacing or corseting is knowing when to take it off. You don’t want to damage your internal organs for the sake of having a smaller waistline.

More tips on choosing the right otc training corset from Lucy’s Corsetry in the video below:

Here’s a review of Lucy’s custom made training corset;

829 comments on “Corset Waist Training.. it aint for everybody!
  1. Wow. All of these comments are insanely harsh. Firstly, her body will not look like that when she takes the corset off so relax people. For you ladies that have worn girdles or waist cinchers, you should already know this. Secondly, yes, your organs do shift, but this does not happen overnight. She has probably been doing this for a long time to be able to go so small. Ever wonder how our bodies are able to accommodate a baby? Its because as the baby grows, our organs and ribs shift and expand accordingly. And that’s just in 9 months! If you look at her other videos, you’ll see that she has other types of corsets that don’t look quite as “extreme”.

  2. I am currantely waist training and I love it. I have gone down from a size 38 to a size 32. I like the feel of a corset and I like the way it makes me look. I have had several complements with regard to how I look.

  3. If I really believed that my body is just the way that God and Mother Nature intended I would have to go back to the Flinstone era. Fortunately it’s the 21st Century and nobody can stop me from doing whatever I wish with my body. There were many women who fought long and hard for their freedom of choice. If a woman chooses to do whatever makes her happy why do you question that? Do you have a problem with that? Maybe you’re just jealous of her hour glass figure? BTW I never tortured myself nor caused serious bodily damage. I feel very comfortable with what I’m doing and I love it!

  4. I want to see what her waist looks like w/o the corset. Also i think the waist would look more natural if her shoulders weren’t so wide. She’s not fat but her shoulders and breast look weird when contrasted with the waist. Yuck

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