Corset Waist Training.. it aint for everybody!

waist training

We all want to look good but in trying to achieve this ideal waist to bum ratio women will do the absolute most. Whether it’s removing a few ribs or injecting our behinds with concrete we’ve been known to take extreme measures just to achieve an ‘hour glass’ figure. One method that’s becoming popular, though it’s nothing new.. is waist training.

Waist training has it’s benefits but like anything else you gotta know when to chill. Like the guy who goes a little too hard in the gym or the friend who always seems to have a little too much to drink… if you’re the type to over indulge then waist training may not be for you.

As with anything else, when it comes to corset training if you listen to your body and take things slowly and progressively then you are at less of a risk of developing any serious issues. Some of the benefits include an improved posture and of course a smaller waist line. There are tons of garments out there to help you train your waist from waist cinchers to corsets, girdles and shapers. But in order for them to be beneficial you have to be dedicated and consistent. Many women give up before they even achieve any results (I’m one of them!)… and the other half just don’t know when to stop. With that being said.. it ain’t for everybody. I would say the most important thing about lacing or corseting is knowing when to take it off.

More tips on choosing the right otc training corset from Lucy’s Corsetry in the video below:

Here’s a review of Lucy’s custom made training corset;

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  1. Some of your advice was spot on, but I do have to say; Who are you to say what’s too far? That woman above followed the advice you gave to the tee, then she made the conscious decision to go “extreme”. If she’s still in tune with her body, then there’s no risk to what she’s doing. I appreciate the spotlight, but waist training at the level of that woman above, and even with Lucy Corsetry, is less about getting a video girl shape and more about discipline and challenging the normal standard of beauty.

    • “Challenging the normal standard of beauty” How does having a small waist challenge the normal standards of beauty? That IS the norm.
      The woman pictured above could, in fact, be doing internal damage. Her internal organs definitely aren’t in the same place as when she was born and can give her many long term complications.

    • I agree. It takes a lot of commitment to do this. I am doing the waist training and I love. I like the way it feels and I like even more the way it makes me look. So Lucy keep on keepin on. Tight lacing.

    • lazy? do you know that waist training takes years of daily wear? and not for a few hours … at least 10 hours per day are required to waist train… lazy is not taking the time to read before judging, this is not just for you but for 98 % of the comments I have seen here.

      Lucy the girl on the video is a waist training guru, so she knows what she’s talking about,

      Anyway!! I just couldn;t stand so many misinformed coments , as I said I don’t mean just you but the word “lazy” made me crazy!

  2. That’s a little sick looking to me. This is not the civil war time when women did wear those things. Probably why some of them died during childbirth from wearing those things before they knew they were pregnant.

  3. Corsets work three ways.
    First, they restrict circulation in the belly area, as well as causing heat build up – this helps your body consume belly fat.
    Second – they promote proper posture, building muscle tone in the waist and back.
    Third – and most controversial – they rearrange the intestines, reducing the amount of intestine in the waist area by moving it higher (into the rib cage),
    lower and back, (into the pelvis against the liver and kidneys)
    Trying to be too aggressive with a corset can cause that organ redistribution in ways that can be dangerous, or even fatal. Intestines can become obstructed, adhesions can form, and there is a risk of hernias as well as a risk of damage to the liver, kidneys, and spleen. There is also the risk of ruptures of the internal organs.

  4. I won’t even gave you to my dog stop pleasing a man start pleasing you stuff first . Get some food girl you look sick this is not appetizing at all. you make me want to throw up .

  5. I’m 22, 5’1, and currently overweight with somewhat of pear shape. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a tiny waist. I literally envy women with a naturally tiny waist. Rib removable is definitely out of the question for me. So i personally think waist training while losing weight will help give me better results. My current waist is measured at 35″, but my goal is 24″. It’s easier when people say “love yourself” & “you’re beautiful/blessed just the way you are” and blah, blah, but it still doesn’t change reality of what i have everyday. I’ve never worn a bikini & REFUSE to be naked infront of mirror because of my ugly ass shape. I’m being straight up 100% honest to say that I absolutely HATE my body. People can judge me & say that i’m crazy or stupid for what i’m doing, but it’s MY decision. I desperately want a tiny waist & will stop at nothing to get it. And if i have to pay for any consequence in the end, then so be it *shrug*.

  6. I don’t know abt this pic but yes you can shape your waist like this wearing a corset for long periods of time eg. Years but it is damaging to her body …why people don’t Google before commenting sometimes.

  7. Ouch looks cool but ouch!!! ….but judging from these comments…they are right this ain’t for everybody….I might want to give a whirl just for the hell of it….it wont hurt to try

  8. And wat sick man would want to **** with a person who wear that **** ,u lady’s need to love yourselves the way u are remember it’s somebody out there who will love u the way u are ,just wait til god send him your way ,in the mean time get yourself together ,go back to school ,workout or something ,find a job

  9. Y would u post this like you are promoting this?! This have to be the most stupid thing a woman will do to try n look good!! Why hurt your body to look discombobulated!!! **** looks retarted!! Smh not happy with your body ?! Stop being lazy n workout!!!

  10. Wow. All of these comments are insanely harsh. Firstly, her body will not look like that when she takes the corset off so relax people. For you ladies that have worn girdles or waist cinchers, you should already know this. Secondly, yes, your organs do shift, but this does not happen overnight. She has probably been doing this for a long time to be able to go so small. Ever wonder how our bodies are able to accommodate a baby? Its because as the baby grows, our organs and ribs shift and expand accordingly. And that’s just in 9 months! If you look at her other videos, you’ll see that she has other types of corsets that don’t look quite as “extreme”.

  11. I am currantely waist training and I love it. I have gone down from a size 38 to a size 32. I like the feel of a corset and I like the way it makes me look. I have had several complements with regard to how I look.

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