Deelishis Shows Off Her New Body and reveals How She Got Her Waist So Small!

deelishis badSay what you want about Deelishis, but the Pawn Shop actress knows how keep her body in shape!

The former Flavor of Love reality star keeps her instagram page updated with pics showing off her curves in form fitting leggings and dresses. She recently shared her secret workout routine, and it’s definitely working because that waist is barely there.

Want to know how she got her waist so small??? Read more @ Deelishis reveals her latest workout routine. Find out how she got that banging body!

33 comments on “Deelishis Shows Off Her New Body and reveals How She Got Her Waist So Small!
  1. She may be considered hot to most , when will women stop putting so much into their body is that the only way she feel valued. Come on folks is that all she has going for her. If I was her I would used some of that money that her ex husband had and educated herself. Indeed she had a baby for a rapper and then an ex football player because beauty fade but you can go far with a education.

  2. Too many black women are waisting alot of money on Ass implants. Be happy with what the good lord Blessed you with! She is beautiful natural! Not beautiful fake! Spend all that money on education and for your children’s future girl.

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