How To Do a Vixen 4-Way Sew-In Weave

vixen-sew-inThe Vixen sew-in is a weaving technique which allows you to part your hair 4 ways and even pull it up in a ponytail. If you are looking for a versatile hair weave.. this is it!

Check out the video below from @hairbytifa
@ms_willaworld on Instagram shared the diagram below of the braiding pattern most commonly used for the 4-way sew-in weave.
A vixen sew-in (aka versatile sew-in) is a weave in which hair is left out strategically to allow you to style your hair several ways. With a vixen sew in you can wear your hair in a ponytail, bun, half-up/half-down, in two pig tails on each side, or a center part.
Looking for a stylist in your area who knows how to do a vixen sew-in? Flip through this vixen sew-in gallery of featured stylist and book your appointment via intsagram.

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360 comments on “How To Do a Vixen 4-Way Sew-In Weave
  1. I currently have this hairstyle (the vixen 4 way sew in). I just got it done yesterday and its my very first sew in lol (I have 18 inch 100% unprocessed Brazilian body wave)\

    But the key here to hiding the lumps when you wear ponytails/half down, is to have HEALTHY, THICK, LONG EDGES. Also even if your edges are long (at least 6 inches), your hair has to be thick enough to cover the track when you split into the different sections. For me I havent had a perm in 2 months so my hair is super thick right now hahaha so for my edges i just used an edge control stick)

    I also found that the vixen sew in looks more natural with a weave of curly texture (Brazilian body wave) or something even curlier. I have my hair half up half down right now and it looks totally fine! I am very pleased with the results :D

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