Buffie the Body demonstrates the Mike Tyson Squat Challenge

buffie-squatIf you read the title and wondered “What are Mike Tyson Squats?” well it’s rumored that Mike Tyson would actually do over a two thousand squats a day by laying 52 cards down on the ground and then he would squat to pick them up.  But here’s the catch.. when you pick up the first one you squat once… when you pick up the second you have to squat once to put the first one down and then you squat twice to pick two up. When you pick up the third you have to squat twice to put the first two down and then you squat three times to pick three up… and so on. So on your last set, when you move on to your last card you have to squat fifty-one times to to put the first fifty-one down and then you squat fifty-two times to pick them all up.

As you complete each set the number of squats increase so the idea is to work your way up try to get to a full deck done but I don’t recommend going past the 20th card unless you’re Mike Tyson for real.. cause if you do the math… if you stop at 10 cards you would have done 100 squats..if you stop at 20 that’s 390 squats! That’s a lot of squats! If u do all 52 cards that’s over 2,694 squats! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Plus you can injure yourself so definitely start off slow.

Now if you are doing this for the first time you definitely want to start off with a low number like 10 cards which is 100 squats. Buffie the Body demonstrates with 15 cards (225 squats) and here is what she had to say on her youtube channel youtube.com/bootynomics,

These squats are KILLER ASS KICKIN and NOT for the WEAK!!! My thighs and butt is still very much sore 4 days later (I don’t mind being sore). It was a great workout! I used 15 cards for this workout.

Think u can handle it?? Grab some cards and hit PLAY. (No cards?? use dollar bills!) LETS GO!!!


Buffie the Body does Mike Tyson Squats