Miley Cyrus Performs at the 2013 VMAs

miley  twerk

Miley Cyrus stuns VMA’s audience and those watching at home by twerking on stage during her performance. No matter how many times Miley twerks the most common reaction, as demonstrated by a photo of Will Smith’s family, will always be complete shock.  After her performance Miley stripped down to a flesh-toned latex bra and matching underwear and began to perform “Blurred Lines” alongside Robin Thicke.. and according to reports, Robin’s wife Paula was not amused! What do you think? Was Miley inappropriate or just giving a good show? Hit Play To Watch The Video Below:

2,854 comments on “Miley Cyrus Performs at the 2013 VMAs
  1. All damn what the ****n was she thinking I don’t ever want pancakes again thanks miley you ruin breakfast for me for a lifetime what happened to you yah used to dress normal now is like you don’t even care **** man what you could do better than that OMG

  2. That girl was straight up tripping. Everybody in there was making faces and Paula Patton probably was the most disgusted with that child touching and grinding on her husband. #yuck

  3. My Lil sis was watching and asking wat was wrong with her and why she she was looking and acting like that. 4 yr old can recognize something wrong but Miley can’t. #sad #notcute

  4. Shes turned into a little hoe, the devil has her soul now..she needs jesus..and more meat on her bones..and talent. . I wonder who even told her she can dance..or SHOCKED

  5. Just think! !
    We (sisters) be like always asking do my butt look to big??
    In these jeans? We used to be so ashamed of all the junk in our trunks! We complained because we had too much! Until we met those who had none!!
    I won’t complain!!

  6. Actually this is sad…she is supposed to be a role model for girls. If you are a parent of a little sure you don’t invision your daughter to grow up and be like that. It’s actually really sad. Our little girls need a positive role model not a trashy one. I would have gotten my ass beat if I would have dressed the way girls do now. It isnt cute people..its disgusting…she is a person who needs help.and someone to guide her. I see nothing ok.about this. Maybe when u have a daughter your opinion will change…disgusting and sad..

  7. How can people think this is ok??? Twerking or not….disgusting!!!! I don’t want my lil girl growing up thinking skanky is ok. No wonder the teen pregnancy rates are through the moon…its not ok to be skanky…it’s disgusting!

  8. That bitch is trashy **** what yall talkin bout straight embarrassing to the kids n family tryin to enjoy a show..haha see the smith family is disgusted…she went from classy to.trashy

  9. Lil look at that guy in between her legs lil. She is hus straight up sick. In the head that is. I cant beloved robin performed with her. I thought she left the stage long time ago but then she starts grinding with the foam finger. Eewww. Who else does that whit? No class.

  10. This is photoshopped.i watched the performance and her bottoms werent that tight or that far up her ass.they fit perfect.u can hate on the fact that her performance wasnt the best, but this picture is ****ing everyone shut the **** up.

  11. Oh my God it looks like her button implants deflatted under the pressure of those shorts. An cause a major devastating blowout……. how do you develop an ass like that at the age she is….

  12. She does not work out at all, lazy, her ass looks like chitterlings. She needs a stairmaster in her damn bedroom. Maybe if she wasn’t laying on it so much it could get some exercise. Lol she looks like her ass muscles are atrophied. Like she just woke up out a coma and she hasn’t used her legs in months.

  13. When she sees this performance and the reactions of the crowd…she will probably go off the deep end and start smoking K2 again. Miley really blew it. Her performance was done in horrible taste…from her tongue all the way to that obscene huge foam finger! I am sure her parents are mortified.

  14. There r somethings u just can’t un-see! She was probably a virgin when she got w that hemsworth dude and once he “tongue punched” her holes she went wild n thot she was just the sexiest thing since jessica rabbit and no one told Hanna Montana that being a grown up means u have to tuck ur skin in.

  15. Dam is that really her ass? That’s the most God awful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Who ever picked out her wardrobe ought to go on the U.S. Terrorist list as a person of interest because that’s definitely a scare tactic and that aint no bull****!

  16. Who Ever Her Manager is He Should Be Fired Or Get To Firein And I know She Knew Better ! Also Cause It Looks Like Uncomfortable. Unless she use to having things Stuck Up in her Ass like that

  17. She’s gonna regret this so bad one day & once she grows out of this & wants to clean her image no one will accept it. This is just pathetic. Forget the cowbell we need more tongue!!

  18. I thought it was so funny when all of the women with actual butts big enough to twerk got up there. She looked ridiculous. I hate to blame it on her parents though cause she will just do what she wants anyways. I hope my little girls never think all that she did was ok. And to be on Robin Thicke like that I bet it did not bother him or his wife because his wife is the one who should have been up there twerking on him she’s gorgeous but the fact Miley did that on him is just sluty. Now I know why Liam Harmsworth’s brothers said they didn’t think he should be with her because she is a child and a waste of time. Hilarious.

  19. in the music video she didn’t look half bad twerkin’…. but OOOOUUCH, that’s not flattering in the least, eeeeek! SHAKE WHATCHA MAMA GAVE YA….. ONLY IF SHE GAVE YOU “SOMETHING” TO SHAKE LMAO!!!