New Music: Foxy Brown – Bandz Up


Foxy Brown is back! The female rap pioneerĀ  is reportedly working on new music which is expected to feature Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj. She recently performed her new single Bandz Up in New York City last Friday (June 28, 2013) at the El Morocco as part of the NYC Gay Pride Week kick-off party.

However shortly after she hit the stage, the 34 year old rapstress loses her balance and falls off the stage.

but your girl got right back up… and finished the song.. HIT PLAY and let us know if you’re feeling it…

6 comments on “New Music: Foxy Brown – Bandz Up
  1. Really couldn’t hear much of anything to judge it. But I think when you leave the seen for so long you better come better than that. Who is her team? I’m gone need them to get her a stylist and a trainer. Good Luck Foxy

  2. Was never a can before but I give props to anybody trying to get back in the game, but let’s face it she should have did a little better than she did. If she didn’t come out so thirsty and excited she probably wouldn’t have fell. She need to take her time and get right get herself together and relax a lil, and most defiantly find a better selection in wardrobe. You may be able to get back in the rap game but you can’t get back in the clothes you wore when you first started, especially if your body not the same size it was when you bought them. She need a better class of friends, some that’s gonna tell her the truth about her wardrobe fit.

  3. “Between a sandwich and the song, I’ll buy the sandwich” (Smokey Robinson, unknown year)…is how I rate all my songs. It’s just not like it use to be for Foxy Brown and it really has to be better than the many who have now jumped so far ahead of her with technology, style, stronger twisted with some knowledge lyrics (Remember Keys on Nicki Diss), and better stage presentation. We already have Nicki Minaj who cannot dance on stage, why have two? Foxy Brown is not displaying growth here…my thoughts for her is move your career forward to a bright new music packaged plan…whatever it maybe!

  4. Foxy is one of the best lyrical rappers. She knows how to make excellent radip, and hood songs. Not to mention music is garbage now, who out is really that hott? same artist are on the radio, day inn day out.

  5. I absolutely love me some FOXY BROWN. I think her collating with Nick is a great idea, Fox is a Legend she don’t need anyone to save her career because ” HOW COULD SOMEONE so PRETTY SPIT RHYMES so gritty”!!! she has never lost that RAW, REAL, FLOW and that’s why supporters like me and Fans will continue to stand behind her, so what if she ain’t been in the game for a min…she’s still ill and raw like she never left.#KINGFOX!!!

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