Quotes: Pebbles’ Daughter Ashley Reid Wants TLC’s Chilli to Know…


Please do not come for Pebbles unless her daughter Ashley sends for you. During this past week the highly anticipated and record-breaking premiere of “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story” movie made its way to our television screens and had many viewers feeling some type of way about the biopic’s antagonist, Perri “Pebbles” Reid. Many of you know that Pebbles was the manager responsible for TLC’s success and ultimately, responsible for their very public bankruptcy, with the girls allegedly receiving a measly $25 stipend during a climatic and successful time in their career. It’s safe to say that the Twitter-sphere was on fire as they proceeded to drag Pebbles through the mud.

Well, Pebbles’ daughter, Ashely Reid, who refers to herself as a “Reformed Hooligan” spoke out recently to say:

“When will people realize that a movie is a movie. Not truth. This is not a true story. It’s meant to entertain…  I will defend my family, what I love and what I believe regardless of what anyone has to say.”

But perhaps the most suspicious thing she tweeted was a direct reference to band member Chilli, when the radio personality and photographer directly tweeted Chilli with the words:

“@officialchilli- I cannot WAIT to see you around honey!”

Ok, when will it stop? As adult women, there are so many other forms of getting in contact with one another in order to resolve issues. Public tweets and subliminal threats? That went out of style with meeting for lunch and throwing glasses of water in the face of your “frenemy.” Like they say, there are three sides to every story: his side, her side and the truth. Hopefully this is just a little online banter but in the event that Ashley Reid truly does want closure, she should reach out to the ladies herself.. away from her computer. Any thoughts? Sound off below!

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  1. Ashley go sat down somewhere and let mother handle her own thing . That movie told the truth.Don’t be mad at Chilli your mother should have treated that group with more respect, but she didn’t. Find out the truth before start talking about you want see Chili.

  2. If you were able to observe in the Movie…Pebbles did not like Chilli at the audition. So quite naturally, the daughter would feel some type of way and point her out between the two. But Chilli is a grown 40 something year old woman and kids need to stay in their places. I don’t like the fact that Pebbles will allow her daughter to do such a thing (by not having her remove the tweet), because that situation is between (2) 40something year old adults. Whether or not it was $25 or a $100, It was still WRONG! That contract was BEYOND bogus and they knew it. But, I don’t know her, nor chilli, but if she would like to speak to someone around her own age…I can be available. I don’t take sides, I stand up for what’s right.

  3. The only person who knows is LA Reid. Not Ashley. She needs to keep her mouth shut and pebbles handle her own battles. Pebbles know she was scandalous for doing them that way. What group do you know that lies about things like this? The industry is nothing but crooks and devil worshippers. Pls girl, get a hobby.

  4. She looks like a real ass speaking on something she knows nothing about, was she even born yet when that happened? I doubt it, even if she was she had to of been a small kid, and when I was a kid my mother used to tell me all the time “Stay out of Grown folks Business”. IJS have a seat girl

  5. This goes to show that people cannot handle the truth!!!she needs to go sit down….was she mad cause they told the truth?? her mom was a scumbag and she stole their money point blank period..she knew they were young..and excited…they hardly read that contract..she took advantage and that was not right at all!!! but every dog has it’s day…..every good dog has two!! I’m with TLC on this one…!!!

  6. I don’t think that these ladies(tlc) would make something like this up about there money and your mother as for her daughter talk crazy online about all this all I want to no was u there when all this went down you only going off what your family told you sit down with them face to face and talk like women should oan were is your mother can she speak up for herself

  7. Ashley need to see her mother. This TRUTH was known way back when TLC wanted to drop pebbles dry ass. She took advantage of those young girls and she knows it. If her mother had any remorse and real love for her daughter she shut her up before more TRUTH comes out about that whole manager/entertainers blow up in her face and shame her child. Chilli. Girl you been a health nut and workout queen. If this chick decide to get aggressive Slam her ass in SELF DEFENSE! After all she threaten you via WWW! Then lock her up

  8. I believe TLC around the same time Toni Braxton went bankrupt also and LA Reid was her label as well Pebbles n LA both was getting greedy……my thoughts

  9. Stay out of grown folks business an let your mother handle it. This between TLC and Pebbles I would rather hear from LA Reid than the daughter at least he know what happened. It must be some truth because their story never changed, LA Reid aint saying nothing to back up his ex-wife. *side-eye*

  10. i believe TLC in what they say about that woman Pebbles. if it wasnt true then why were they broke and why are they not still signed to her recod label . Thoes Reids are known for ripping people off. look what happen to Mike Tyson . Its definitely true. i dont believe nothing this Ashley Reid girl had to say .

  11. Lil girl get your life your mother made this miss not u so have several seats ,, lil GIRL. And we all know Chilli not worried about u if they wasn’t worried about your momma


  13. u and your bother get over it…your mom is a crook plain and simple…she robbed them so ya’ll can have a cushiony life…and your father ain’t no better…they had a pay her a million a letter for they name nuff said..a TLC fan has spoken

  14. Truth hurts and I believe every word, they don’t have any reason to lie and what if it isn’t the truth hell I don’t see Pebbles talking about it, because she knows she was wrong to TLC….point blank period! and like people say stay out of grown folks business Ashley Reid….

  15. Pebbles was Greedy , forgot how she made her start. Played on TLC’s innocence of the music industry , cold and calculated. I stand behind TLC on this one. I believe their story. Pebbles just hates that she got BUSTED !!!!!!!!!!

  16. Umm, was she even born at the time? Besides, both her parents are crooks. Didn’t LA Reid steal from Toni Braxton? Girl, please!

  17. Movie or not honey there is some truth in what that movie showed whether you liked it or not. Where you actually there when all the drama was going on where there when she may have been treating their life. If your mom was doing her job would they have actually been broke? So much money was coming in but they received so little. This is a story that they told from their point of view
    . Those girls are not worried about you honey bun

  18. Really u need to sit down some where before u bite off more than u can chew a child needs to stay in a child’s place u just going off what your momma told u people play about a lot of things and money ain’t one and why u coming 4 Chilli T Boz said it too guess u ain’t as bad as u think u are hooligan my ass girl bye!!

  19. I get that she’s defending her mom and standing by her family. I’d stand by my mom, too, no matter what. However, I’m sure she was not born or very little when all of this went down in the 90s, which is why she should’ve “let the adults” handle this. Pebbles did them wrong, period! Deal with it!!!

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