Rasheeda Releases Three New Color Lip Glosses For Poiz Cosmetics

poiz yellow lipstick

Rasheeda might be expecting, but one things for sure it’s definitely not stopping her hustle.

As most of you know, the rapper turned reality star has launched her very own lipstick and cosmetic line Poiz Cosmetics and she and her fellow reality stars have been sporting the bright lipstick around town.

Rasheeda just recently added three new extreme lip gloss colors to her Poiz Cosmetics collection (pictured below) which are “Sexy Blanco” (white), “Green with Envy” (green), and “Luv my Purp” (purple).


Poiz cosmetics‘ new bossy colors promises highly pigmented long lasting color. Go here to see the entire Poiz Cosmetics collection.

158 comments on “Rasheeda Releases Three New Color Lip Glosses For Poiz Cosmetics
  1. Why is it when somebody doing something positive people have to be negative. Just because you wouldn’t wear it don’t knock her. I think its pretty on her and fyi its not ghetto this is the type of lipstick that models would put on. At least she don’t have black lipstick on or 30 diff hair colors in her head

  2. I love color so yeah I like them. People are making bad comments about the colors. If you’ve never tried any of the colors than keep your negative comments to yourself. If you knew how to dress you could pull any color off..#mo

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