Steal Style: K. Michelle’s Mah-Jing Wong ‘Ganseki’ Nude and Denim Outfit

K.Michelle in Mah-Jing Wong ‘Ganseki’ Khaki & Denim Crop Top & SkirtK. Michelle has been busy, busy, busy promoting her upcoming album ‘Rebellious Soul,’ which she recently pushed back the release date til August.

Just a few days ago, she dropped her video V.S.O.P. on 106th & Park and we couldn’t help but notice the form-fitting khaki and denim outfit she was rocking.

K. Michelle is wearing a matching Mah-Jing Wong’s ‘Ganeski’ Denim & Khaki crop top and skirt. The Mah-Jing Wong ‘Ganeski’ denim & khaki crop top is sleeveless top made of a stretch fabric with a zipper down the front as the same with the high waist matching skirt.

The Mah-Jing Wong ‘Ganeski’ denim & khaki crop top is $65 and the matching skirt is $88.

Steal Style: You can get K. Michelle’s look at   vsop


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