Sundy Carter’s Daughter Deja Dishes On Her Relationship With Her Mom

sundys daughter dejaOn the premiere episode of Basketball Wives L.A. Sundy Carter’s daughter, Deja, was introduced to us by Sundy through mention of a messy internet scandal. Sexually explicit photos of Sundy’s daughter were tweeted from Sundy’s own twitter account after a family feud erupted on the social media site. Sundy says she did not tweet the photo and decided to use the BBWLA platform to clear her name and defend her parenting skills.

Deja Carter, a back up dancer for Zendaya Coleman, made a cameo on the show which wasn’t aired on television, but as a web exclusive.

In the exclusive clip below Deja reveals to Jackie’s daughter that her relationship with her mom Sundy is not so great.. but is definitely a work in progress…

it’s a situation like.. you kinda have to let me learn on my own.

Deja, 18, says her mom needs to give her the space to make her own mistakes. Meanwhile fans on twitter seem to all agree that bringing up the inappropriate pic on national television may have been a mistake in itself. Millions of pervs are now googling “sundy’s daughter” in hopes of finding the photo in question (shame on you).

Was Sundy wrong for discussing her daughter’s scandal on national television? Watch the clips below and tell us what you think.

Deja Explains Her Relationship With Her Mom

Sundy Defends Her Parenting Skills
53 comments on “Sundy Carter’s Daughter Deja Dishes On Her Relationship With Her Mom
  1. How can any mother justify doing this to their child. Most parents have caught their child doing something inappropriate. But a real genuine mother who thinks about their child, talks with them. She treated her daughter like she was an enemy. What mom goes back and forth with their daughter on twitter? What mom purposefully embarrasses their daughter? If her daughter was 16, then she definitely needs to be taken to court over this. I despise parents who treat their kids like they are friends. You are A PARENT to train and guide and hope that you have instilled all the ethical and moral standards that would produce a law abiding citizen, willing to help others and most importantly, be self-sufficient self confident secure and respectable. I think Sundy failed as a parent and is continuing to fail. That young lady needs love from some mother figure because her mom is too worried about being a groupie!!

  2. Sundays daughter was actually 17 when that picture was put out .And me as a mother with a daughter I would never ever do something like that…….I don’t care if my daughter was 57!!!!!!!!!!’

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