Tamela Mann reveals how she lost 246 lbs!!

tamala mann

Tamela Mann recently posted on FB:

“Lost 246 pounds thanks to God, Family, and Y’all….”

tamela mann

The singer/actress best known for her roll as Cora on Meet The Browns attributes her 246 lb weight loss to a healthy diet and exercise..

ESSENCE.COM: You’ve slimmed down lately. What’s the secret to your new body?
TAMELA: I’m trying to keep this weight off. I’m working out. I have a trainer. I’m trying to eat right, not a whole lot of desserts. No sodas. Every now and then I’ll take a swig of somebody’s.

For more fitness tips go here.

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  1. Cora!!!, that you, is what I here Mr. Brown saying, lol, you look beautiful another one of God’s people proving once again, through our faith in God we are able to make all things work to our good.

  2. Tamelia Mann you look like an Angel. You are an inspiration to all of us. Love you and your shows. You were always beautiful. Good Bless you and many many years to come. Keep making TV shows and movies. We will continue watching you always.

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