Working out with Mo’Nique


Mo’Nique recently shared a few motivational workout tips with fans on twitter along with amazing pics of her get fit journey. The Academy Award winning actress, talk show host and comedian has lost nearly 100 pounds and has managed to keep it off.


Tune in to VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop” … your host will be none other than the fit and fabulous Mo’Nique… and she’s looking fierce!

How’d she manage to lose the weight? Keep reading..

Hey loves. Today is brand new. Be brand new in it. I love ya’ll for real. For my beautiful folks trying to lose weight. Keep in mind when we take short cuts, we get cut short. Be careful with LOSING WEIGHT QUICK!!! When we lose weight quick, in my humble opinion, we don’t get a chance to change our minds. We just changed the outside. Please know that I am not promoting any weight loss product. For me the only way to go is old fashion. Exercise and healthy eating. Does this hurt? HE** YEAH! I AM SAVING MY LIFE. Please join me and save yours. I love yall for real.





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156 comments on “Working out with Mo’Nique
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  2. Haters please sit down, apparently the need to talk **** didnt help your comprehensive skills…..she said she is saving her life….which means she didnt hate herself before she just learned how to love herself better!

    Congrats Monique ♥♥♥

  3. I am 200 with twins and I am married just like her I started dieting she did to live and so am I…You GO Girl DO THE DAMN THING……

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