Meet Tammie M., Investigative Number Guru, 6 Year Career IRS Agent and 5 Year Career Government Forensic Accountant


Meet Tammie M. from Brooklyn, NY. She's a mother of 3, a Serial Entrepreneur, a former IRS Agent and Government Forensic Accountant.

"I’ve worked for the Government for 15 years and have (what feels like) worked against the people. It doesn’t feel good shutting down a small business knowing that it’s a means of money for a family. It doesn’t feel good hearing I didn’t know from a business owner as I’m locking them out of their business until they get their ish together per the Government.

What hurts the most is the majority of cases that come across my desk are people that look like me. Since speaking out I’ve heard that I speak to scare people into my services and the topics I speak on would never happen to them. LET ME BE CLEAR, I speak on it because it can happen to anyone and you need to know that. I speak on it because I’m tired of us ✊🏾 being the joke in the office. I speak on it because it’s the law and regardless of how we as a people feel it has to be upheld until it’s changed, otherwise we’ll lose every time.

I decided to start my business because from my experience, I saw a need to assist small business owners through the Tax Audit Process and Financial Fraud within their businesses."

Tammie is a Certified Boss Chick in our eyes in is definitely someone you should have in your business circle! Many are afraid of the IRS but she can offer internal insight, preparation and guidance through any tax audit. 

Here are a few tax preparation tips from @TaxTeaTammie that every Boss Chick should know and use

1. Be organized
2. Make sure you have all of your documents required to file (amendments suck and cost you even more)
3. Go to a knowledgeable Preparer
4. Make sure you know of any outstanding debts that’ll effect your return (student loans, back taxes, child support)
5. Review your return before submission to the IRS
6. Make sure you tell your preparer of any life events that happened during the year (marriage, divorce, had a baby...)
7. Ask questions! Ask your preparer all the questions you have. Whether you feel they are big or small....ASK!

Contact Tammie today if you’re ready to get your books right and leave the stress of “not knowing” in the past.

“I didn’t know” and “I didn’t understand” are not going to get you out of an audit with the IRS, but it could get you a greater tax deficiency. Stop playing business owner, take control and boss up!

Get your questions answered from someone who has been on the inside of the IRS. Schedule your consultation today to get started! Visit


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