Lacey Odoms Is Changing The Lives Of Women Of All Ages and Body Types... One Bra Fitting At A Time!

Lacey Odoms

Meet Lacey Odoms, owner of Lace Of Love bra fitting services located in New Orleans, LA. "As a professional bra fitter and lingerie stylist, I help females discover what a good fitting bra looks and feels like at Lace of Love!"

"My company specializes in bras in D+ cup sizes for both full-figured and plus size females. However, I will gladly fit females of any size. I am also a published poet writing to inspire other lives. My book Conversations with the Heart and Soul is transforming lives all over the world.

I am very passionate about getting females to understand the importance of a properly fitting bra and how to improve the health of their breast with a bra that fits properly. It is a beautiful thing, to experience someone who attitude and level of confidence change before your eyes when you place them in a bra that actually fits, the band isn’t ridding up their back causing the breast to hang low, breast spilling out of bra or wires poking them. I had one customer say, “thank you Lacey my breast have not sat this high since I was in high school 17 years ago!"

A good bra will change how a female females about her breast for the better. This is why bra fitting is so important to me.

Lace of Love solves all of those pesky bra fittings issues females face by providing quality bras that actually fit and a bra 101 education. We have helped females all over the USA discover what a good fitting bra looks and feels like by offering professional bra fitting services using both a measuring tape and the eye sight method. We offer in person and virtual bra fitting services. In addition, we are able to fit females with band sizes as small as 26 up to 60 and cup sizes as large as V. Yes, the cup size can go beyond a DDD. Lace of Love doesn’t just sell bras, we provide an experience and bra fitting education to add value to the female wardrobe and life. Let Lace of Love help you look your best!"

Lace of Love currently has items marked down up to 70% Off on selected items.

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