10 Social Media Strategies That Will Help You Reach Your Q4 Goals!

Wake up Goalfriends! You can’t afford to give up!

So you didn’t reach your Black Friday sales goals this year... so what? There’s still Cyber Monday. There’s still Christmas. You still have time to finish strong.. but you may have to re-strategize.. Especially if you’re leveraging social media platforms like Instagram to grow your business. Yesterday's Instagram is NOT today's Instagram. With new tools, and new features you want to be sure you're keeping up.

Don’t give up.. you WILL reach your goal. Get up, Get cute, and Go Hard for your brand.

Here are 10 FREE social media strategies that we use to grow our following and increase sales WITHOUT spending marketing dollars:

1. Cross promote with other brands using the new tag/collab feature. Your post will show up in your followers' feed and will be visible to your collaborator's followers as well.

2. Don’t be too proud to slide in your followers DMs. Every one of your prospects should see your post. You can’t take for granted that they will see your post in their feed... you may have to send them a warm message (don’t spam).

3. Have you added products to your Instagram Shop? Your followers will get 20% off just for using this feature! (current offer courtesy of Instagram as of Nov 2021)

4. Your viewers can now shop directly from your LIVE as well. Model your products while broadcasting to your followers. They will be able purchase tagged products without leaving your live stream.

5. You might have to dance for a dollar girl don’t be scared. Pre-record a few reels and schedule them throughout the week.

6. What hashtags are you using to target new customers? Try 2 or 3 at a time, switch them up, don’t use the same ones too often and don’t use too many or you may get shadow banned.

7. Stop blaming the algorithm, study it instead. The algorithm changes so often... at this point you’re just going to have to keep up.

8. Figure out what posting schedule works best with your audience. 7/8 am and 7/8pm (est) has been working for us recently. When are your followers most likely to engage with your post?

9. Don’t forget about your email and text subscribers. Fashion Nova sends out about 20 texts a day... don’t be ashamed to promote your business!

10. Re-focus, re-strategize but do not give up. You may have to step outside your comfort zone but you WILL reach your goal!

You SAID this is the year your business will hit 6 figures. You said you will be the first millionaire in your family. YOU said that.. I’m just holding you accountable. Chin up girl, you got this. 

Bookmark this page, print it, reference it for later, share with your business bestie.. just don’t give up!


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