Heather Sanders Shares Great Tips On How To Run An Online Boutique

Heather Sanders is the CEO of ‘Sorella Boutique,’ an online boutique that houses cute, trendy and fashionable finds. The 27 year old entrepreneur recently opened up about the success of her online boutique, how she got started and her ability to rake in a little less than a million last year. Peep some highlights and watch the entire video below!

On How She Started Her Business:

Everyone around me was young and rich and entrepreneurs and had everything on their own so it was important for me to have something of my own. I didn’t want to just follow my boyfriend around and travel with him for a year and be a freeloader and be that girl. He took me along with him ever since I moved to LA and I just hooked up as much game as I could

On the Hardest Part of Owning Her Own Business

Having an online business is crazy. But the biggest [problem] that I would say I’m facing t this day is shipping. I’m still dealing with shipping problems. But the other one would have to be listening to my clients and taking their constructive criticism instead of getting so defensive. So I learned to accept and like what other women like and not just what I like.

On If She Thinks Owners Should Wear Their Own Clothes

Yes! You are your biggest marketing tool. You are your brand.

Check out the rest of the interview below:


“My goal is to be a boss! Sorrella made just a little under one million last year, while Sophia from Nasty Gal made 240 million last year. i have $239 more million to go!”


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