Powerhouse Physiques CEO Anowa Adjah Talks Being Confident, Curvy, and the Future of Fitness

Wondering what revolutionary fitness looks like? Then, take a look at Anowa Adjah, CEO of Powerhouse Physiques LLC. Adjah is a master fitness trainer, motivational speaker, and all-around powerhouse.

We were eager to speak to Anowa. The Boss Chicks team wanted to grasp some of her concepts:
  • The idea of what it means to be confident
  • The epitome of pure power
  • How to be a curvy and fit boss chick.
Check out the interview with Anowa Adjah below:

Exclusive Boss Chicks Interview with Anowa Adjah

Boss Chicks: You’ve been referred to as “The Nigerian Powerhouse”. In your own words, could you define what it means to be a “powerhouse”?

Anowa: A Powerhouse is the ability to accomplish great things through trials and tribulations. When you are a powerhouse you will constantly be met with challenges but will figure out a way to get things done!

Boss Chicks: At what point did you know that fitness was something you wanted to pursue professionally?

Anowa: I was a competitive athlete since the age of 6. Although, I was very accomplished and had a string of accolades the number one thing people constantly talked about was my body. Even when I left sports alone, it never failed the amount of questions I would receive on a daily basis about what I did to stay in shape. Even though I had a degree in Public Relations and was currently working in Corporate America at the time, my passion was fitness. After juggling a few jobs and dipping back in forth in fitness I decided to draw all my attention to Health and Wellness. I had a passion for genre and a large number of people that respected me in the field.

Boss Chicks: Could you tell us a bit about Powerhouse Physiques, what it offers, and the company’s mission?

Anowa: Powerhouse Physiques is a Health and Wellness company/brand created on the ideal that women of all shapes and sizes can achieve great health and still remain curvy. We created the motto: “Lose the Weight, Keep the Curves” (TM) 4 years ago.

Boss Chicks: What, in your opinion, is society’s biggest misconception when it comes to health, fitness, and body weight?

Anowa: Society has these outdated European body charts and does not incorporate all body structures into their perceptions of Fitness. Being over 200 pounds does not necessarily mean you are overweight. What about height, build, bone density?

Boss Chicks: Most women are hesitant to share their body weight, but why are you bold enough to share that information?

Anowa: I realized a while ago that the rest of the world needs to catch up. In a few years being over 200 pounds and in shape will no longer be an OXYMORON!

Boss Chicks: Have you ever struggled with body image acceptance? How did you overcome any of those struggles?

Anowa: YES, I struggled with body image issues for a majority of my life. I overcame my personal struggles by working on becoming more confident from within so that the society’s perception no longer had influence in my life. I stopped comparing myself to other women and grew more content with the woman in the mirror. Its all about self-awareness, reflection, and acceptance. You have to work on being the best YOU can be.

Boss Chicks: What is the drive and motivation behind accomplishing your personal fitness goals and progressing in the fitness industry?

Anowa: My current drive and motivation is helping more women with similar struggles gain self-confidence. We are beautiful despite what THEY say! Being Fit comes in all shapes and sizes and don’t allow society to define what beauty is to YOU!

Boss Chicks: As a motivational speaker, what do you aim to accomplish with your audience?

Anowa: I hope to motivate more people to believe in themselves and don’t define their worth by Society’s narrow views. If I listened to the backlash many years ago, I would not have accomplished what I have today. People thought I was crazy and my goals were unobtainable because of how powerful the Health and Fitness industry was but I was determined to change their minds. I raised the money towards my Powerhouse Physiques DVDs, created my own company, and started posting videos on YOUTUBE to get my message out there.

Boss Chicks: You play so many roles and wear so many hats! What is your secret(s) to prioritizing and maintaining success?

Anowa: The secret is never being to ashamed to ask for help. I would not be able to accomplish the things I have without the support of friends and family. I also have 2 assistants that are extremely vital to the Powerhouse Physiques brand. In addition, I always make sure that I have ME time whether that’s the spa or a mini-vacation.

Boss Chicks: Do you have any advice for women wanting to commit to a fit and healthier lifestyle? Prevention is the best medicine.

Anowa: Don’t wait until its too late to change your life around. You have to make Health and Wellness a priority because if you are not at your best the people around you will be affected.

Boss Chicks: The fall season is almost here! Do you have any health and fitness tips for merging into a new season?

Anowa: Write out your goal, the time frame in which you would like to achieve it, and the steps you will need to make to accomplish it. Also, don’t give yourself any excuses just get it done!

Boss Chicks: What current or future projects from you should we be keeping an eye on?

Anowa: I will be releasing my third workout DVD “Lose the Gutt, Keep the Butt” in January of 2015!! Also please keep an eye out for new cities I will be visiting on my Powerhouse Physiques Tour!

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