Meet Miss Diddy: L.A.’s Leading Lady and Industry Goal-Digger

A goal-digger is a woman who chases dreams, and not just money. She’ll show you how to do this, hun!

Everybody wants to be on the scene, but hardly anyone wants to create it. Meet the woman who does!

Today’s Bosschick exclusive and featured female is none other than true hustler and Hollywood sweetheart-Miss Diddy. The leading lady of L.A. is the brains (and beauty) behind many of the industry’s most popping events and productions, including her own company ‘The Brand Group LA,’ that is currently host to ‘All Def Comedy’ and a slew of other weekly and annual star-studded events. You might also recognize Diddy from last season’s ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,’ as the friend and co-promoter for Teairra Marie’s infamous comeback show (she was the “nicer” one next to ‘Sincere’ who offered Teairra some friendly criticism_.

Currently, the young entrepreneur holds the title as being Los Angeles’ only female promoter, although Diddy does make sure to also credit a few essential people and plugs that inspired her on her journey to success!

We sat down with Miss Diddy to not only discuss how she got where she is now, but to also ask her how she maintains! After all, the only thing harder than getting your foot in the door, is keeping it there. Check out part 1 of the part 2 interview below:

Ok, so of course we have strong idea as to why, but explain to us the meaning behind ‘Miss Diddy?’ and who coined you with that name (or did you name yourself?)

Diddy: LOL, Wellllll, I’ve had the name Miss Diddy for years now, one of my close friends started calling me C-Diddy fresh out of High school, well actually still in High School, then it dropped to Diddy. The “Miss” part came from signing up on twitter and not wanting to be that obnoxious to just have @Diddy as my name, so I added Miss and it stuck. I think it’s pretty cool and fits my personality. I’m happy that I’ve been able to carry the name without being shut down by The #1 Man Puff, LOL. But, it just fits in my eyes and the people seem to feel the same way.

How did you know that this is what you wanted to do? Did you always know? Did you go to school/earn a degree in marketing/business/etc?

I honestly did not grow up saying “This is what I want to Do,” I never was that child that had a clear vision as to what I wanted to do in life. I’ve always been creative and intelligent, so I made smart decisions career wise and fell into this field because I’ve been great at making my ideas and visions come to life, whatever they have been. My mother honestly thought I would be a lawyer, or a hair dresser (LOL) because I was always defending someone and had the smarts to become one, but, I’ve always been great at doing hair and nails etc.

A little fun fact about myself: I never went to school for Marketing/Branding/PR etc, college is for networking and building and learning yourself, along with learning the technical aspects in life. My network was strong prior to ever leaving college so I did not need it for that, and technical details I didn’t need for my line of business, I felt. I am a strong hustler in every sense of the word, for my business it’s far more important for people to see my work ethic, trust me, and understand my business model. Energy and vibes are important for creativity, if I don’t vibe with a person I will not work with them or represent them, it has to be extremely authentic. Now I am not discouraging anyone from going to college as I respect anyone who can complete college, however, test world (college) and reality are two different things and you have to be able to survive the streets/culture more than being able to type up a press releaseK. Michelle and Miss Diddy

One of your main job descriptions is “ONLY female promoter in Hollywood.” Explain. (Are you still the only female promoter in Hollywood or were you the first?)

I don’t believe anyone is the actual “First” to really do anything anymore, nowadays, there’s nothing new under the sun, just new ways to present it to the world. So I don’t believe I am the first Woman Promoter in Hollywood, although, I’ve never heard of one prior to myself other than my mentor Jennifer Choi who had the contracts to parties and I came up under her. I am still the only one. This is a very tight nitch game, this market Hollywood, it’s not as easy as people think it is, we have to actually allow you in the game. Lol.

There’s been the guys who have been running it for years, and as long as we want to run it, we will. I take pride in being such a power force in a male driven field; I hold my own, the guys respect me and more importantly , I get the work done. Women have tried at this, and failed, I do it so gracefully that they have no clue how difficult it is once trying to step foot in it. I’ve also been blessed with a strong rolodex that dates back over 10 years in this industry, which is my Power.

Explain what exactly it is you do. You appear to be a strong and successful woman of many hats and you appear much bigger than a “club promoter.” Mind going down the list of jobs/roles you currently have?

Sheeessshhh, there are so many hats that I do wear, the best way to put it is that I am the ‘Dot Connector,’ I get it done if it comes my way. I am a promoter and promotions is the origin, however, I own my own Marketing/PR Firm called The Brand Group (LA). At my company, we pretty much do it all, I specialize in Lifestyle Marketing, Events and presenting brands to the masses in the coolest for or fashion. I am also a television producer, which I will be able to reveal much more later this year. I am also working on becoming an author, which will be one of my biggest dreams to accomplish. More importantly, I am a daughter, a sister and a loyal friend which is my most important hat that I wear. Walk us through a typical work day for you, from morning to end (if it ever ends!)

It Never Ends hunie!!!! But a typical day would be getting up at 6:30am, I have my sister call and wake me up every morning because if I use an alarm, I will just turn it off and go back to sleep. LOL. I get up, I go to my living room and I pray and I Worship God every morning, before speaking to anyone, before checking any emails or thinking of anything, I go speak to God. I then check emails and follow up on all of my work, workout, then my VP of Marketing Dayana starts work at 10am, from then, its head first into the day.

Having tons of creative meetings, juggling producing events, promoting, having conference calls and trying to please the world. I have been blessed to have everyone really reach out to me for everything, so I always have to prioritize and see who it makes sense for me to say ‘Yes’ to a physical meeting, verses a call. I try to get home at a reasonable hour to tend to my home, then if I need to go back out, I will. My events normally take place in the evening, so I have to carve out time to actually get dressed and glammed up. LOL.

How did your connection to Russell Simmons come about?

Actually a dear friend of mine named Adair Curtis used to work in his company, and he brought me on to do All Def Comedy Live. It was going on prior to my company coming on board, however, no one was coming. When my company came on board, I added a lifestyle element to the event and within the first week it was sold out and every week since then. I started doing all of the PR for the event as I do with all of my other parties/events and it took it to another level. Russell of course saw my work and took a liking to me.

People often assume that the hardest part is getting into the business- when I think the hardest part is staying in the business. I read that you got your start during an NBA lock out event which lead to you hosting/promoting parties every Tuesday. But how did that blossom into the huge career you have now?

I did officially start promoting when The NBA Lockout happened, all the basketball players were in town and spending all of their money, LOL. A friend of mine named Huey called me and said “Diddy, come do this party with me, I’ll pay you $500, just bring your homegirls and tell your people, you know everyone” , so I said “Uhmmmm ok” LOL. I remember my boy Mike Beasley was out here, and it was around James Harden birthday and other players were here, I told them to come out, the vibe was perfect, the ladies were beautiful and before you know it, we made so much money that night and had an amazing time. We said “welp, let’s do it again next week”, I invited all of the A&Rs and Music execs out and that was the start of the power of me being able to marry these worlds in nightlife that had never been done before. I said, “Hey I want to have my boy Kenneth Wynn come and shoot some footage and edit it as a music video for the night of the club”, so that birth the beginning of promo videos being shot in the club. I added elements that Hollywood had never been seen and the perfect Tuesday Night in hollywood was birthed, I went on to Brand The Supperclub Tuesdays which changed the whole night life formula around the globe and History was mad
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