Raynell Steward (@Supa_Cent) Talks Beauty, Branding and Bossing Up!

LaLa Milan recently sat down with Raynell Steward, better known as @Supa_Cent the creator The Crayon Case, to discuss the make-up business, branding, and bossing up! Grab a snack and watch this bomb interview in which she shares some great tea and knowledge that may even benefit you in the long run!
We've got some bomb products here from The Crayon Case. Get into it! The Crayon Case is my baby... First I came out with the eyebrow gel. I was only going  to sell eyebrow gel. But then it was like ok, now they're asking for concealer, now they're asking for the brush, they were asking for everything...

I also love how you have catchy, fun, and creative names... You have a couple of products that are named after your friends. What gave you this idea? Before I went public with my makeup line I used to ask them to try my products first. They had so much to do with me creating my line. So when I think about the Tokyo pallet it's glittery, she's so glittery and fab. The Judy brush is so colorful, and vibrant (and thick as hell!) And even the Ross Sauce pallet is mild, neutral, low key, just how Ross is.

I made my brand fun. Every product is beginner friendly. It has professional quality but it's beginner friendly and it's affordable. Nothing is overpriced or expensive and it's just as good, if not better than the big brands. And then I go hard with my packaging like I want you see it and know that's my brand.

Tell us about your other business ventures. What else do you have going on? I have an entertainment company called Watch My Smoke Ent. Okayyy. So, what does watch my smoke mean? Watch my smoke means watch what I'm doing, like watch my progress, watch me succeed. Your smoke is your success. You know like just watch me bubble. You may doubt me but watch my growth.
Supa also went on to talk about her relationship with her boyfriend and business partner, what it's like for them being in the public eye, and how they leveled up together as a couple. Check out the full interview below:



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