After Quitting Her Job As A Hotel Receptionist She Started An All-Female Owned And Operated Safari & Tour Guide Company In Africa

Aug 16, 2023

Meet Maryam, an ambitious young woman from Zanzibar, Tanzania. Having worked in the Zanzibar hospitality industry for a decade as a hotel receptionist, Maryam witnessed the lack of female representation in the tourism sector and the challenges it posed for both local women and female tourists visiting Zanzibar. 

Recognizing that tourism is the leading source of economic growth, Maryam developed a passionate vision for an all-female tourism business. Her goal was to provide equitable employment opportunities for young women in Zanzibar and create safe experiences for solo female travelers.

She discovered a program that provided her an incredible opportunity to receive entrepreneurial training, coaching, and even funding to turn her business idea into a reality. However, her journey was not without its obstacles. Despite her unwavering belief in herself and her idea, Maryam faced discouragement from friends who reminded her of the competitive nature of the male-dominated industry. But she refused to let their doubts hold her back.

Maryam made the bold decision to quit her job and fully commit herself to entrepreneurs. She knew that by doing so, she could sharpen her idea and gain a better understanding of how to grow her social venture. Through extensive research and learning from the challenges faced by young girls in her community, Maryam expanded her creative ideas for the structure of her business.

The stories shared by the young women in the community deeply moved Maryam. Their experiences motivated her even more to make a meaningful impact and provide these girls with a fresh start.

At present, Maryam has formed a group of 10 talented and enthusiastic young women who are eager to become guides for Maryam Tours and Safaris. These remarkable individuals possess a range of language skills, including German and French. To further develop her business, Maryam hopes to expand her capacity to employ these women and show the world that Zanzibar warmly welcomes female solo travelers guided by local females.

To achieve this goal, Maryam is seeking support. She is looking to build a small team specializing in management, strategic planning, and social media communications. Together, they can help her take her business to new heights and create a tangible and lasting change for women and girls in Zanzibar.

If you are interested in connecting with Maryam and becoming part of her journey, please leave a comment below! Your support can make a tremendous difference.

To get in touch with Maryam Tours and Safaris, you can reach out to them through their Instagram account @maryamtoursandsafaris via email at [email protected], or by phone at +255 656270476. Let's come together and empower women and girls in Zanzibar!

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