After Years Of Battling With Cystic Acne, Susan Chanel Developed A Herbal Solution That Heals The Skin from the Inside Out

Jun 14, 2023

For anyone dealing with acne there is hope! Swipe to hear Susan Chanel’s story 🙏🏽💕

“After I had my son, I struggled with severe cystic acne. My face hurt all the time, even waking in the middle of the night crying from the pain.

It was something I tried hiding from everyone. I would spend forever applying makeup but the bumps would still show through.

I was truly DEPRESSED!

I realized the problem was coming from inside my body and nothing topically was going to fix it.

My body was trying to tell me something was wrong through the acne. I did blood work, and found out I was low on basically every vitamin i needed to help repair my body from all it was lacking from the inside.

In 3 years my skin changed completely, along with my mood, fatigue, motivation, everything, I was me again!

I hope you know if you are going through acne or any other trial that makes you feel incredibly insecure, you are not alone, and I know what that feels like. It’s so hard, and that’s okay. But remember, you are more beautiful, brave, and strong than you even realize, and not because of your appearance. ♥️”

Susan Chanel is a graduate of psychology from the prestigious University of Lagos. Her quest and passion for the beauty and well being prompted her to start her own Therapeutic Treatment and Healing Center and full line of beauty and wellness products.

The entire product selection at @SusanChanelBeauty is 100% HERBAL. Yes!!! We Repeat 100% HERBAL, No side effects, allergies, reactions, sun burn, stretch marks, dark knuckles, etc.

Her products range from Herbal and Capsules for Feminine Wellbeing and Wholeness (made from pure roots), Herbal Body Oils, Sea Salt Scrubs, Body Lotions, Herbal Bar soap, Liquid soaps, Facial Cleansers, Massage Sponges, Anti aging products, Face Masks, Acne Treatment packages & MORE

All products are NAFDAC and FDA certified.

Visit @SusanChanelBeauty & tell her Boss Chicks sent you💕

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