Hello Alice's Grant Program Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Racial Discrimination Against Non-Black Business Owners

Oct 12, 2023

Hello Alice is facing a class-action lawsuit alleging discrimination in partnership with Progressive Insurance. The lawsuit, filed by conservative organizations, claims that the $25,000 grants offered by Progressive to 10 Black-owned small businesses were unlawfully discriminatory because non-Black-owned businesses were not allowed to apply.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff, Nathan Roberts, who is white, received an email from Progressive about the grants but “did not realize the grant was available only for Black-owned small businesses” and began filling out the application… until he reached the part that emphasized the grants were for Black-owned businesses.

The lawsuit lists multiple defendants, including Progressive and Circular Board LLC, which operates Hello Alice

They released the following statement via Instagram, “Hello Alice is being sued for our commitment to small business owners like you. Stand with us to #ElevateTheAmericanDream and lift up small businesses to protect them from getting targeted and losing their funding.”


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