A Strip Mall With All Black Woman-Owned Brands Just Opened In Washington D.C.

features grand opening Jan 26, 2023

Meet the founder of D.C.’s first Black-owned strip mall offering community education and affordable commercial space for Black business owners. Angel Gregorio, one of the District of Columbia’s most recognized Next-Gen, black female entrepreneurs and influencers of our time!

Angel is a more than just an entrepreneur. She is community servant, innovator, disruptor and philanthropist. “She has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to improving the lives of the city’s most at-risk and vulnerable youth and families. Prior to launching her entrepreneurial career, Angel worked in educational leadership and youth advocacy roles as a teacher at the Oak Hill Youth Academy, and as a counselor, and later Vice Principal, at a DC Charter School. She is co-founder of DC Natives Day, an official holiday recognized by Mayor Muriel Bowser to recognize and highlight the presence and contributions of DC Natives to the culture and fabric of Washington, DC., and now owns Black + Forth, the city’s first Black-owned strip mall offering community education and affordable commercial space for entrepreneurs.”


“I purchased this space in order to show us what cooperative economics looks like in action. I also wanted to start a National conversation about making commercial space affordable. There’s lots of talk about affordable housing but in order for us to bring back Black Wall Street and Hayti, Durham, we need to address systemic and institutional racism, mass incarceration, illiteracy and the psychological impacts of poverty.

Angel shared via Instagram,


We don’t need to wait until we have a seat at the table before we bring someone else along. Sometimes kicking in the door to even get in the room will require several of us with boots to kick it in- together!!

So here I am, kicking. Pulling. Lifting. Climbing. Teaching.

We have enough genius in our community to grow our community!”

BLACKANDFORTH = going back and forth with Black people/businesses.

Black + Forth embraces a traditional back-and-forth system and village approach to business ownership. They are located at 2200 Channing St NE in Washington, DC. If you’re ever in the city stop by and spend a coin with these amazing black women entrepreneurs 💰💕

To donate visit blackandforth.org

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