Jamaica Queens Teen Becomes The Youngest Black Female Certified Private Pilot in NYC

Aug 20, 2023

Meet Ariel Messam, an 18-year-old prodigy from Jamaica, New York, who is soaring above and beyond in the world of aviation. Recently, she earned her wings as the youngest black female to become a Certified Private Pilot in New York, shattering glass ceilings and setting an inspirational path for other young, black, aspiring pilots.

Ariel's journey to the skies began when she enrolled in the Aviation Career & Technical Education High School. From taking her first flight at 14 years she continued to push herself, finally announcing her achievement as a Certified Private Pilot on social media.

Ariel is actively involved in organizations like Level Up and Take Off and Girls Love to Fly, groups dedicated to promoting diversity and empowerment within the aviation industry

and recently graduated H.S. with a certification as an Aircraft Powerplant Technician, a noteworthy achievement in its own right.

"Fly, they said. So, she did," Ariel wrote on her social media, a testament to her determination and tenacity. But beyond that, it's a call to action for other young women to recognize their potential and rise above any barriers they may face.

While her journey is far from over, Ariel Messam has already shown us that the sky is not her limit. Her story serves as an inspiration to all of us, reminding us that no dream is too high, and no goal is unreachable. With grit, determination, and a pioneering spirit, Ariel is not just flying planes; she's changing the course of aviation history.

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