She Went From Being A Homeless Single Mom To Owning 50 AIR BNB Properties, A Construction Firm & More!

Aug 16, 2023

Meet Janay White, a formerly homeless mother of two who now owns 50 Airbnb properties! Janay is also the proud owner of J White Construction Inc, a Black woman-owned construction company that has recently been certified as a vendor with the state of Florida. This groundbreaking achievement is paving the way for her mission to provide affordable housing to first-time homebuyers and single mothers, while simultaneously revitalizing poverty-stricken areas.

At just 36 years old, Janay's accomplishments are beyond remarkable. She not only holds the CEO title in eight successful businesses, but she's also the visionary founder of a non-profit organization. Talk about building an empire! On top of all that, Janay even runs a hair salon and boasts an impressive rental car fleet consisting of eight vehicles that are exclusively available to single mothers. Now that's what I call boss moves!

Janay's story is a true inspiration. She rose from the challenging depths of homelessness and lived paycheck to paycheck. But through sheer determination and relentless hard work, she managed to turn her life around and establish herself as a serial entrepreneur, leading not one, but eight incredibly successful 6 and 7-figure companies. Today, she serves as a beacon of hope, devoted to empowering others to achieve financial freedom and create generational wealth.

But let me tell you, Janay's journey was far from a walk in the park. She worked two jobs every single day for a decade, honing invaluable qualities of tenacity and unwavering dedication. From her roles as a social worker and fraud investigator at the Florida Department of Children and Families (2010-2020) to her position as a Revenue Auditor in the accounting and finance department at UPS (2011-2020), Janay's experiences fueled her passion to make a difference and serve as a guiding light for those facing financial challenges.

The impact that Janay has made is nothing short of undeniable. Countless glowing reviews from those she has touched and empowered stand as a testament to her transformative influence on individuals and communities alike. This woman is an unstoppable force, breaking barriers, and serving as a shining example of what's possible when you combine determination, hard work, and a heart for uplifting others.

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